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5 Innovative Cloud Applications for Busy Entrepreneurs

January 30th, 2020 | Posted in Technology, Uncategorized The working world is a very different place to what it was ten or even five years ago. Over four million people choose to work from home, making cloud applications a must-have item for the small business owner. Cloud-based apps ensure you’re fully connected when

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Everything as a Service: 7 New Service Types in the Cloud

January 29th, 2020 | Posted in Technology, Uncategorized Remember when cloud computing first appeared, there were only three delivery models and easily represented as a pyramid, which you’ve probably seen repeatedly. At the top of the pyramid is the SaaS – Software as a Service, which includes all kinds of applications and services that

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How Can You Find Faster Broadband Options for Your Business?

January 15th, 2020 | Posted in Technology, Uncategorized n Scotland, like the rest of the UK, a number of people are asking, ‘How do I find the fastest broadband in my area?’. Fortunately the chances of having access to broadband itself are high, with only one percent of the Scottish population not

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